Spanish Tile Roof Repair for Boca Raton, FL

Tile Roof Repair In Palm Beach and Broward County

Tile roofing is a reliable option for roofing in Palm Beach and Broward County. But, like all other roofing options, tile roofing can fail. It all starts with the installation process, and if tile roofing is not installed correctly, it can result in ceiling leaks. Additionally, if the tile is not of the utmost quality, this roofing will not last as long as other options. In Florida, torrential rains and winds from seasonal storms and tropical activity can spell trouble for tile roofs. And like all roofing options, the passing of time can result in damage to the roof that may lead to water finding its way inside the home. If tile roofing is routinely inspected and maintained, then these issues will not occur. Trust Tim Graboski Roofing to maintain your tile roofing in Palm Beach or Broward County. 

Tile Roof Failure Due To Faulty Installation 

When tile roofing is being installed, it’s important that the installer is well versed and experienced in the tile roofing process. If a homeowner hires an unexperienced roofer to install tile roofing, it’s likely that failure will occur sooner than later. Hiring a reliable, professional, and licensed roofing professional like Tim Graboski Roofing for all installation and repairs is the number one way to ensure your tile roof lasts as long as possible. Hiring a handyman, or a company that can get the job done on the cheap is not recommended. Go with a professional and experienced roofer in Palm Beach and Broward County when you go with Tim Graboski Roofing. 

Tile Roof Failure Due To Low-Quality Materials 

Using high-quality tile for roofing is another way to ensure that your tile roofing lasts as long as possible. When using tiles as your roofing solution, the tile must be ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material) approved. Roofing is a popular industry, and tile is a popular roofing option, which has resulted in an influx of low quality roofing materials from overseas. Using non-ASTM certified tiles will almost certainly result in the life span of your roof is dramatically reduced. Saving money by using lower quality material roofing during installation will cost homeowners even more once the roof fails. 

Tile Roof Corrosion

Exposure to the elements can lead to corroded tile roofing. In Florida, the high humidity and frequent rain lead to break down and rust that’ll damage tile roofing. Once corrosion occurs to tile roofing, water can find its way between the flashing. Once water is between the flashing, it’ll be able to penetrate the roof deck, and then, your ceiling. Water damage is an incredibly common occurrence in Florida, and a leaking roof is a common cause of water damage. To prevent water damage from corroded tile, it’s critical that the damaged tiles are replaced. Routine inspection and maintenance make corroded tile a non-issue. If you do find that the tiles on your roof have been compromised, reach out to Tim Graboski Roofing to address the issue – call (561) 276-8252

Cracked Tile Roofing

Over time, exposure to heat from the sun will cause tile roofing to crack. When tile roofing cracks, the underlayment can get exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. This alone can deteriorate the underlayment of the roof in as little as 90 days, depending on the material it’s made of. Deteriorated underlayment allows water to find its way through the protective layer of a home, and cause damage to the interior of your home. If you find a cracked tile during your routine inspection, contact a professional roofing company like Tim Graboski Roofing immediately. 

Trust Tim Graboski Roofing For Tile Roofing Repair In Palm Beach And Broward County 

Suspect that the tile roof of your home has been damaged? It’s best to contact a professional roofing company.  Ensure the integrity of your home’s roof – give Tim Graboski Roofing a call at (561) 276-8252 or visit online at to receive a free roofing quote today.