About Us

Who Is Tim Graboski?

Tim Graboski is an expert on all things roofing. From roof repair, maintenance, and re-roofing, to the installation of solar panels and solar energy accessories, Tim Graboski has done it all. As a business owner, Tim Graboski has built and operated a successful roofing company since 1989. Tim Graboski Roofing is a fully certified and accredited roofing company that services all of South Florida.

Currently, Tim is heavily involved in being a board member of both the Codes Committee and Energy Tac Committee, respectively. Tim Graboski is also a celebrated inventor – with his pride and joy being the Solar Stack. The Solar Stack is an innovative, one-of-a-kind Solar panel installation solution that doesn’t require any penetration or potential damage to the roofs of homes. Tim Graboski is a progressive business owner that believes in green energy and preserving the environment, and he saw a great way to establish himself in the green building industry with solar energy, and the creation of the Solar Stack.

Tim Graboski Roofing

Tim Graboski Roofing is an elite roofing contractor servicing all of South Florida. With yearly certifications from the biggest roofing systems in the world, like Englert and Solatube, and certifications on building code, Tim Graboski ensures that each project is completed to the industry standards of quality. Tim Graboski Roofing offers all services related to roofing, like repair, re-roofing, new roofing, and renovation projects. Additionally, Tim Graboski Roofing can assist in solar energy installation projects for those looking to save money on their next energy bill. As a family-owned business, Tim Graboski Roofing takes meticulous care and consideration before, during, and after each project to ensure thorough and correct completion of the job. This care and consideration is one of the benefits that come with choosing a family-owned business like Tim Graboski Roofing to handle your next project. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed When You Choose Tim Graboski Roofing 

It goes without saying that the roof of your home is one of the most important aspects of the property. When your roof fails in some way, it’s important to have a company that you can trust to deal with this sensitive feature of your home. Tim Graboski wants to be that company for the residents of South Florida. It’s for that reason that Tim Graboski offers warranty programs that you can trust, backed up by a full-service department. If you experience any issues with the work we perform, you can rest assured that someone will be there as soon as you let this issue be known to Tim Graboski Roofing, and they will begin servicing the roof of your home. For homeowners, the greatest advantage of Tim Graboski’s warranty program is the fact that if an issue arises from the work that we’ve done, we’ll service the roof with no charge to you. That’s just an added benefit of going with Tim Graboski Roofing to service the roof of your home.

Trust The Roofing Professionals At Tim Graboski Roofing

Tim Graboski Roofing provides roof repair, installation, and maintenance, as well as a number of solar solutions to South Florida. Learn more about Tim Graboski Roofing by giving us a call today at (561) 276-8252!