Lantana Roofing Services

Originally settled at the end of the Seminole Wars, and incorporated as a town officially in 1921 is Lantana. Lantana is a quaint town in southern Palm Beach County with a smaller population of just over 10,000. At Tim Graboski Roofing, we’ve been providing roofing services in Lantana for over 3 decades. Our team of roofing professionals have the experience to handle jobs of any size or scale. We provide residential roofing in Lantana, and each job we take on is handled with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Once you reach out to Tim Graboski Roofing, we’ll send one of our roofing professionals to your property. Once we’ve identified any issues that may be present, we’ll develop an accurate and free roofing quote for your Lantana home. At Tim Graboski Roofing, we aim to keep our prices affordable and competitive. This allows us to best serve the residents of Lantana.

Lantana Roof Repairs

Do you think that the roof of your Lantana home is in need of repair? Tim Graboski Roofing is here to confirm or deny your suspicions and provide top-notch roofing services to your home. SInce 1989, we’ve been repairing roofs in Lantana. Most often, roofing failure is the result of an aging roof. But, in Lantana and the rest of South Florida, things like rain, wind, fallen objects, and even airborne salinity can have negative impacts on the roof of a home.

No matter how the damage was caused to the roof of your home, our team of expert Lantana roofers can handle the roof repairs in just a few days. Just reach out to our team and we’ll schedule a time for our roofers to come to your property and provide you with a free quote. Tim Graboski Roofing handles everything – From pulling permits to cleaning debris once the job has been completed. We’re proud to offer top-notch roofing services in Lantana.

Reroofing Services In Lantana

Sometimes, we come across a roof that has been damaged beyond repair. When this happens, a full-blown roof replacement is in order. Over time, roofing failure is going to occur one way or another. Unfortunately, Florida’s harsh climate further validates this fact. Wind and rain from yearly hurricanes and tropical storms, paired with the summer storm season can destroy a home alone. Add the blazing sun beating down on the roof year-round, and salt in the air from the nearby ocean, and this makes Lantana roof’s a ticking time bomb in some ways. If you think that Lantana’s harsh environment has damaged your roof beyond repair, give Tim Graboski Roofing a call. Our roofing professionals will explain the best options property owners have regarding replacing their roof.

Furthermore, we’ll give you a free quote of how much the job will cost to complete, and a time-frame for completion. Tim Graboski Roofing has been the number one Lantana roofing company for over 30 years. We’d love to handle your roof replacement in Lantana.

Lantana Solar Solutions

Lantana homeowners that are looking to make the switch to solar energy can depend on Tim Graboski Roofing to assist them in making that switch. For as long as Lantana homeowners have been able to take advantage of solar power, we’ve been helping them make the switch. We’re so invested in the solar energy market that Tim Graboski himself is the inventor of the Solar Stack. Solar Stack is the world’s first non-invasive solar panel mounting technology. Along with noninvasive solar panel installation, we offer a number of different solar solutions, like the SolaTube. SolaTube’s line of products features various solar-powered skylight and ventilation solutions that reduce energy bills, as well as the carbon footprint that a home leaves on the environment. Learn more about SolaTube at or give us a call at (561) 276-8252 to see how we can help you make the switch to solar energy.

Tim Graboski Roofing Is The Number One Lantana Roofing Company

Since 1989, Tim Graboski Roofing has been providing roofing services in Lantana. Those homeowners that are looking for a roofing company they can trust can look no further than Tim Graboski Roofing. We offer top-notch roofing services at a competitive and affordable rate. Request a quote online by using our easy to use contact form or get a free quote over the phone at (561) 276-8252.