Margate Roofing Services

Founded as the “Gateway” to western Broward County, Margate is one of the fastest-growing cities in Broward County. Many new businesses are blossoming in the area, and along with that comes new residents of the city. For residents of the city, new and old, the need for a trusted roofing contractor is always there. In Margate, like the rest of South Florida, roofing is important. It’s the very shelter above your head. Responsible Margate homeowners must ensure that their roof is regularly inspected and maintained.

At Tim Graboski Roofing, we understand the subtle nuances that go into Margate roofing services. We’ve been providing roofing services in Margate since 1989. Through this experience, our team of roofing professionals has gained the industry knowledge and know-how necessary to handle jobs of any scope or size. Our residential roofing services in Margate are second-to-none and are approached with great care and attention to detail.

Margate Roof Repairs

When the roof of your Margate home sustains damage, don’t fret. Tim Graboski Roofing is here to provide you with top-notch roofing services. For over 30 years, Tim Graboski Roofing has been providing roofing services in Margate. Our experience has given us the insight to fully understand what goes into inspecting, maintaining, and repairing a roof in Margate. Roofing failure is often the result of time passing. Unfortunately, there are a number of additional outside forces that threaten the integrity of roofing in Margate. Things like rain, wind, and fallen objects can all result in substantial damage to the roof of a home.

Regardless of how the damage was caused, Tim Graboski Roofing’s team of expert Margate roofers will handle the job. Give us a call, or utilize our easy-to-use online form to request an entirely free roofing quote. We’ll set up a time for one of our roofing professionals to come to your property, and we’ll handle the job from start to finish. From pulling permits to removing debris once the job is finished, we perform the work from A to Z.

Reroofing Services In Margate

Once a roof sustains substantial damages, repairing the roof is no longer an option. In this case, the roof of the home will have to be replaced entirely. Over time, roof failure is going to happen. It’s an unfortunate fact of being a homeowner. Florida’s harsh, hot, and wet environment solidifies this fact. Seasonal rain and year-round harmful sun rays are a given. Additionally, hurricanes and tropical storms can destroy the roof in one shot. All of these factors combined mean that roof failure is inevitable. If you think your roof has been damaged beyond repair, consider giving Tim Graboski Roofing a call. One of our roofing professionals would be glad to walk you through your options regarding re-roofing and roof replacement. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a quote for the cost of reroofing, on the house.

Margate Solar Solutions

For those homeowners that are environmentally conscious, making the switch to Solar energy is a great choice. Since Solar power has been an energy option for the residents of Margate, we’ve been assisting homeowners in making the switch. In fact, Tim Graboski is the inventor of the world’s first non-invasive solar panel mounting technology. This invention is known as the Solar Stack, and it’s a roofing friendly alternative to traditional solar panel installation.

Aside from solar panel installation, Tim Graboski Roofing offers a number of different solar technologies. These solar technologies can help reduce energy bills for residents while reducing the carbon footprint your home leaves on the environment. Among these technologies is the popular SolaTube line of products. SolaTube offers a number of solar-powered skylights and ventilation solutions. You can learn more about SolaTube at Furthermore, contact Tim Graboski Roofing directly to learn more about making the switch to solar energy.

Tim Graboski Roofing Is Margate’s Number One Roofing Contractor

For the past 30 years, Tim Graboski Roofing has been providing Margate and the surrounding areas with top-notch roofing services. Homeowners that are looking for a trustworthy and reliable roofing service provider in Margate can look no further than Tim Graboski Roofing. Our roofing experts only use state-of-the-art technology to provide cutting edge and affordable roofing services in the city of Margate. Want to learn more about our Margate roofing services? Give us a call at (561) 276-8252 or request a free quote online.