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Roofing Services In Lake Worth

Lake Worth homeowners should always make sure that the roof of their home is regularly inspected and maintained. Roofing is one of the most critical parts of the shelter that a home provides. It’s the final line of defense against the outside elements. At Tim Graboski Roofing, we’ve been providing roofing services in Lake Worth and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Through our experience, our team of roofing experts has gained the industry knowledge and know-how to handle roofing jobs of any size and scope. Each residential roofing job we perform in Lake Worth is handled with minute attention to detail and meticulous care.

Do you suspect that your Lake Worth home has been damaged? Give us a call at (561) 276-8252, and we’ll schedule a time for one of our roofing professionals to come to your property and perform an inspection. If any issues are identified, the cost for repair will be provided to the homeowner through an entirely free quote. At Tim Graboski Roofing, we aim to keep our prices affordable and competitive. This allows us to best serve the residents of Lake Worth.

Lake Worth Roof Repairs

If the roof of your Lake Worth home has been damaged, Tim Graboski Roofing would love to assist you through our top-notch roofing services. For over 3 decades, Tim Graboski Roofing has been repairing roofs in Lake Worth. Our decades of experience gives us unique insight into what damages a roof in Lake Worth often sustains. Most often, roofing failure is a result of the passing of time. But, in Lake Worth and the rest of South Florida, there are plenty of outside forces that further threaten the structural integrity of your roof, and in turn, your home. Things like wind, rain, and fallen objects can lead to major damages to the roof of a home. Additionally, for homes located near the ocean, even the salinity in the air can damage the roof of a home.

Regardless of how your roof was damaged, our team of Lake Worth roofers can tackle the job in just a few days. Just give us a call, and we’ll schedule a time for one of our roofing veterans to come to your home and perform an inspection. Then, they’ll provide you with a free quote containing the cost for repairs. If you choose Tim Graboski Roofing, you’re choosing an all-in-one roofing solution. From pulling permits to removing debris once the job is finished – Tim Graboski Roofing handles the job from A-Z.

Re Roofing Services In Lake Worth

In some cases, our team member will discover that the roof of your home has been damaged beyond repair. In this case, roof replacement or reroofing is the best option for your Lake Worth home. As we mentioned before, roofing failure is going to happen sooner or later over time. Lake Worth and the rest of South Florida’s harsh climate further cements this fact. During the summer months, rain is abundant. Furthermore, hurricane season threatens homes with destructive tropical cyclones 6 months out of the year. These kinds of storms can completely destroy the roof of a home in just a few hours or less.

All of these factors combined result in the fact that your roof will be damaged beyond repair sooner or later. Do you think that your roof has been damaged beyond repair? Give us a call at (561) 276-8252. We’ll send one of our roofing professionals to your property to explain your options regarding roof replacement in Lake Worth through a free quote.

Lake Worth Solar Solutions

Switching from standard energy to solar power is one of the most “green” decisions a homeowner in Lake Worth can make. Since residents of Lake Worth have had access to solar power, Tim Graboski Roofing has been helping homeowners in the area make the switch. Additionally, Tim Graboski is the inventor of the world’s first non-invasive solar panel mounting technology, known as the Solar Stack. The Solar Stack is the only roofing-friendly solar panel mount that doesn’t result in penetrations to the roof of a home.

Furthermore, we also offer a number of additional solar technologies, like the SolaTube line of products. SolaTube offers skylights and ventilation options that not only reduce energy costs for homeowners but aid the environment due to the reduction of the carbon footprint your home leaves on its surroundings. Curious homeowners can learn more about SolaTube at, or give Tim Graboski Roofing a call at (561) 276-8252 to learn more about our solar solutions.

Choose The Highest Rated Roofer In Lake Worth

For over 30 years, Tim Graboski Roofing has been providing roofing services in Lake Worth. Homeowners that are looking for a trustworthy roofing service in Lake Worth can look no further than the team at Graboski Roofing. Our team utilizes only cutting-edge roofing technology. This allows us to offer the most affordable roofing services in the area. Learn more about our roofing services – contact us online or give us a call at (561) 276-8252 today.