Solar Stack

Tim Graboski Roofing Proudly Uses Solar Stack Solar Panel Mounting Technology

Tim Graboski Roofing utilizes a number of innovations to separate themselves from other solar power providers in Palm Beach and Broward County. One of these innovations is the Solar Stack. Solar Stack is a one-of-a-kind noninvasive solar panel mounting technology invented by Tim Graboski. Solar Stack is the only solar racking product that guarantees no penetration to the roofs of properties. What’s more, is that Solar Stack is building-code approved. Additionally,  Solar Stack has received the most stringent certifications from the state of Florida for use in high-velocity hurricane zones. There is no solar mounting technology safer for the structural integrity of your home than Solar Stack.

Why Is Noninvasive Solar Panel Mounting Important?

Traditional solar panel mounting technology causes damaging penetration to the roofs of homes. This can lead to leaks, which in turn, can lead to further damages to your home. This damaging penetration is the result of nails, screws, and bolts that are required to penetrate the underlayment of a roof. These bolts will secure the solar panels to the roof of a home, but they can cause substantial damage and will void the warranty of your roof. Keep in mind – any voluntary penetration made to the roof will void the warranty of the roof. To ensure that your warranty stays valid while enjoying the benefits of solar energy, choose Solar Stack.  No holes to the roof of a home mean homeowners won’t experience roof leaks as a result of their solar panels.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy?

In a place as sunny as the Sunshine State, Florida, solar energy seems like a no-brainer. With an abundance of sunny days in the region, homeowners can enjoy powering their homes using mainly solar energy. This allows homeowners to save a substantial amount of money on their energy bills. How much homeowners save is dependant on the size of their solar panel system. This then relates to how much standard electricity your home requires to stay powered. In some cases, if your solar panel system generates more energy than required to power your home, you’ll even receive payments for the energy your system puts back into the local power grid. Solar Energy is one of the best decisions that homeowners in Palm Beach and Broward County. Not only are you keeping more money in your pocket, but you’re also reducing the carbon footprint your home leaves on the environment.

Choose Tim Graboski Roofing & Solar Stack For Your Solar Panel Needs

Tim Graboski Roofing has been installing solar panels in Palm Beach and Broward County since the technology became available to homeowners. Solar Stack is the only building-code approved and high-velocity hurricane zone rated noninvasive solar panel installation technology on the market. If you want to experience the savings that solar panel installation can provide, choose Tim Graboski Roofing. Our team of solar energy experts would love to walk you through the steps of solar panel racking with Solar Stack. Give Tim Graboski Roofing a call at (561) 276-8252 or contact us online.