Tim Graboski South Florida Roofing- Residential Commercial Roofing and Re Roofing in South Florida  Graboski Roofing is a roofer serving all of South Florida.  We install commercial and residential roofing systems.  We work in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County
Tim Graboski South Florida Roofing- Residential Commercial Roofing and Re Roofing in South Florida  Graboski Roofing is a roofer serving all of South Florida.  We install commercial and residential roofing systems.  We work in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County
Tim Graboski South Florida Roofing- Residential Commercial Roofing and Re Roofing in South Florida  Graboski Roofing is a roofer serving all of South Florida.  We install commercial and residential roofing systems.  We work in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County
Tim Graboski South Florida Roofing- Residential Commercial Roofing and Re Roofing in South Florida  Graboski Roofing is a roofer serving all of South Florida.  We install commercial and residential roofing systems.  We work in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County

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Expert Roofing Services Serving Palm Beach County - Broward County - Miami Dade County

Tim Graboski Roofing Inc is a licensed STATE CERTIFIED roofing contractor committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations through quality service. Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. It keeps you dry... it keeps you COOL.. and it keeps you safe..and ENERGY EFFICIENT. At Graboski Roofing, we believe the most important day in your roof's life is the day it is installed. That is why our unmatched commitment begins as soon as we arrive. We'll analyze your roof to determine potential problems & provide recommendations for your roof system . In fact, we'll spend as much time as necessary to understand the condition of your home - and the actions necessary to correct any problems.

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When you have roof leaks, tenant complaints, or damages that need to get repaired fast – call on one of South Florida’s most established and most reliable CERTIFIED ROOFING re-roofing contractors. Tim Graboski Roofing is consistently the first choice for South Florida Businesses.

No one UNDERSTANDS roofing better than Graboski Roofing Company. We’ve been providing quality roofing services in Florida’s since 1989. How are our services unique from the other roofing contractors?

Customer Service
Our well-trained and courteous crews will service your facility efficiently & professionally. Job sites are maintained properly. Improved Warranties - We offer various manufactures warranty programs in additional to our Labor warranties.

Providing our customers with the BEST roof system & options for your roofing investment. Our bulk purchasing power means lower prices for you.

Knowledge and Experience Our expert estimators and installers can solve even the most challenging roofing problems. Advanced Technology to provide Extended the Life Cycle of Your Roof System.

A properly maintained roof provides the longest life cycle; however, a poorly maintained roof may fail in less than half that time. Extend the life cycle of your roof system with a Graboski Roofing Maintenance Program.

Trash, leaves and debris of all sorts accumulate on your roof in rain gutters, drains downspouts and water ways, restricting the flow of water. In addition, the sun dries out roofing sealant that is used around penetrations and corners which can cause premature leaking. Graboski Roofing Maintenance Programs help to reduce roofing costs by maximizing the life of your existing roof with proper maintenance.

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Let us help you:
• Reduce costs and control budgets.
• Extend roof life by up to 30 percent.
• Identify and correct potential problems.
• Avoid unnecessary costs due to roof leaks.
• Maintain lower energy costs.
• Maintain your roof’s appearance.

TGRI offers comprehensive, low-cost, maintenance programs. We will customize your roof maintenance program to meet the needs of both your roof and your budget.

• Preventative roof maintenance including periodical inspections that include touching up critical areas that have deteriorated from exposure to the sun.
• Extended, Protection Plus Warranty.
• Skylight repair and replacement.
• Drain installation.
• Replacement Roofing / Roofing Repairs / Roofing Maintenance / SOLAR Roofing
• ALL roof system types
• Energy Star Roof Systems:
• Full time field supervision
• Free estimates

•Local company able to respond immediately
•Family owned and operated
•Decades of experience
•All employees on staff
•Own all equipment
•Carry some of the best products - all class A Fire Rating
•Warranty on labor as well as materials
•We strive in providing customers with the highest quality materials
•Excellent references
•Unsurpassed quality control

•Make sure they are licensed.
•Ask if the company is local so that if there is are problems now or in the future, you will be able to reach them and have a problem remedied immediately.
•Verify that your contractor has Workers Compensation Insurance
•Be aware of any estimate much lower than the others (you will pay more in inferior products or shoddy work).
•Avoid companies that use subcontractors

•Adds value and increases equity of your house
•Replaces worn, dated roof with up to date superior products
•Beautifies your home
•Protects against fire damage
•Protects from leaks, mold, and property damage.
•Economical: saves you thousands of dollars in repairs

We STRIVE beyond our customer’s expectations to ensure our customers are completely satisfied and each roof is successfully installed.

One of the most crucial things to understand concerning the value of your home is the importance of repairing your roof. Should your home sustain any damage from high winds, storms or other disasters, you will definitely want to call a professional to investigate & evaluate your roof. Contacting a professional is the best way to ensure the job will be performed properly.

Leaky Skylight Repair-There are many factors to consider when evaluating a leaking skylight. Improperly fitted, extreme conditions or accidents some skylight leaks are simple Don’t wait until you’re experiencing severe interior effects, such as ceiling staining or flooring damage, call Tim Graboski Roofing Inc. to properly diagnose the issue.

Chimney Flashing Repair-Chimney flashing is necessary to seal and protect the joints between a home’s roof and chimney from water penetration.

Roof Valley Repair-The most likely place a leak will occur is at your roof valley. There are several reasons for roof valley leaks. It could be due to improper placement of roofing nails or due to aged materials. A roof valley is a common collector for leaves, limbs, . Remember, a valley leak can lead to high costs for homeowners if not repaired immediately.

Flat Roof Repair-Flat roofs experience harsh weather conditions, At Tim Graboski Roofing - we utilize Modified Bitumen Membranes (SBS) a very tough and resilient membrane coated with weather resistant, polymer modified asphalt to give it extra reinforcement. There are major advantages to this bitumen membrane roofing as it is cost effective, light weight, and more importantly resilient

Vent Pipe Repair- These vents often have collars around their base, to keep rain water and debris from leaking into your attic. When those collars rust or fray, water can pool into your attic, causing damage to the inside of your home. If you need to repair or replace your roof vent pipes contact Tim Graboski Roofing Inc
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Email: service@graboskiroofing.com

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